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Greg Hart Tuesday, 27 November 2018 < 1 min read

The Nov 30th Deadline - Where do I fit?

The Food Act 2014 takes a commonsense approach to food safety. If you make or sell food, your business may need to apply for registration by 30 November 2018. Find out more about the Food Act and what it means for you.

MPI has created a great online tool to find out what rules your food business has to follow under the Food Act 2014. The tool is easy to use, just select the fist activity that applies to your business. (source MPI NZ website)

MPI Food Safety - Where do I fit (online tool)

Once you have worked out where you fit, try using Safe Food Pro to create a 'Food Control Plan'. You will be up and running in minutes!

Free Food Control Plan- Quick Setup 

Free Food Control Plan set-up

 If you have any questions or just need a little help please don't hesitate to contact our awesome support team. Drop us a line at support@safefoodpro.co.nz or visit Safe Food Pro Support Portal

We have also partnered with Food & Health Standards NZ Limited so you will be in the best hands possible no matter how complex your food business is.


Greg Hart

Head of Marketing @ Safe Food Pro