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Sophie Quinn Friday, 09 April 2021 2 min read

Summer 2021-Software Release

Welcome to our latest Safe Food Pro release. This release has some great new features, and enhancements we know your team will love! Please feel free to give me feedback on the changes and new features, it's always good to hear from you. 😍

Release Notes for 9th April 2021

Version Numbers: Web - 2.4.50, Mobile - iOS: 2.4.14, Android: 2.4.14


Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 8.57.42 AM


Amazing New Features

  • Enhanced Corrective Actions Workflow 
    We've supercharged our Corrective Action workflow!
    You can now create, track and export all Corrective Actions from the Admin Console, and create and update all your actions from a consolidated mobile view. Assign priorities, users, forms or resources and display upcoming and overdue actions from the new Dashboard panel. 
  • Audit Trail and History Logging
    We've added the ability to view changes to answers on a completed form. Track changes that have been made to a question on a form from the Saved Forms view on the Admin Console. Ideal for auditors or managers to view changes made to different answers and keep up with what your team is doing.
  • Form and Answer Analysis Dashboard 
    Follow trends and track form and answer data across your businesses! Graphically view completed forms and answers by type or category to compare weeks or months of completed forms. Make comparisons for all question types, form types or answers from that past 12 months.
    Great for use by managers and administrators to see macro view of health and safety, see gaps or trends and to make data-driven comparisons.
  • Sensor Tab of Dashboard
    Sensors now have their own home on the Dashboard! Sensor graphs and info have been moved to their own tab of the dashboard. This will increase sensor visibility and performance.


User Role Updates 
New roles and updates to current ones.
  • Tablet Manager - Device-only manager level user that is able to view and complete sensitive form types. 
  • Internal Support - Allows our support team to generate a temporary user in your organisation, these will automatically delete after an hour. We'll also notify when this is happening!
  • External Verifier - Create a read-only user that has access to your organisation for the verification and auditing.
General Enhancements
Small but mighty improvements and fixes! 
  • No longer show turned off forms in form reports or form list.
  • New Health & Safety category
  • Ability to search all mobile list pages.
  • Display the user who has started but not completed a form.
  • Lots of bugs have been squished. Yay! 👍


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