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Forsyth Thompson Tuesday, 21 September 2021 1 min read

Mental Health with Movember

Next up in our series of chats about mental health, we’re delighted to have had the chance to sit down over Zoom with Robert Dunne who is not just a dad and amateur sports coach, but between those jobs also runs the amazing organisation which is Movember, here in NZ. He was pretty mo-less when we chatted so you might not recognise him at first! 

RD Profile


No doubt you’re all familiar with Movember, and with 5 million having taken part directly, most likely you’ve either grown some quality face furniture yourself or donated to someone who has. You might be less familiar with how Movember’s mission has expanded over time and now, with men on average living 6 years less than women, it very much includes suicide prevention and mental health.  


With a wealth of experience both professionally and personally in this space, Rob shared with us his own experiences with mental health, how to recognise early warning signs, how he looks after himself when things are tough, and how you can too. We’re thrilled that Rob had the time to spend with us and hope that you enjoy his down-to-earth and honest approach as much as we did. We’ve cut down some of the highlights into smaller pieces:

  • Do you have triggers yourself that you recognise as meaning you’re a bit “off”?


  • Recognising when you’re starting to get off track and things you can do to help yourself.


  • Looking out for warning signs and how to know if we need to reach out and ask for help.

  • What to do when you need to ask for help: people to talk to and ways to make ourselves feel better.


Watch the full interview here


We hope that you find these helpful and would love to hear from you - please do let us know what you thought.


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