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Greg Hart Friday, 14 February 2020 1 min read

February 2020 - Software Release

We are really excited to bring you our first release in 2020 of Safe Food Pro. We continue to listen to our customers feedback and endeavour to keep building on our rich feature set whilst keeping the software easy (and fun) to use. Our development team are always up for a new challenge and we think they have knocked it out of the park!

Full release notes can be found at: https://support.safefoodpro.co.nz/article/513-release-notes-for-february-2020

Release Version Numbers: Web - v2.1.85  | Mobile - 1.6.8 (Android & iOS)

New Features

  • Timed Sensors
    You can now use the Safe Food Pro Temperature Sensors to record specific time periods by using a Timed Sensor feature E.g. monitoring cooling food or food in hot holding equipment
  • Call Staff from Staff Detail Page
    Need to contact staff quickly? You can call them straight from your Safe Food Pro app! 
  • Add a Food Item on the fly when using your Bluetooth Probe
    Are you using a Bluetooth Probe that's compatible with Safe Food Pro? If so, you can now add a food item straight from the Mobile app.

Improved Features

  • Staff Summary Report shows Completed Resources
    Have you used our Specific Training in Business Procedure/Method form? Your Summary Report will now show the resources you used to train your staff in this form.
  • Renamed the Maintenance tab on the App to Equipment
  • Minor updates of Safe Food Pro default forms
  • Minor Bug Fixes


We love to hear your feedback and comments. Please make your comments in the form below or contact us at support@safefoodpro.co.nz


Greg Hart

Head of Marketing @ Safe Food Pro