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Greg Hart Thursday, 05 September 2019 1 min read

4 FREE - Food Safety Tools

We all love free stuff right? We have put together the following tools to help you increase your food safety knowledge.


1. Food Safety Knowledge Quiz

Complete our quick quiz to see if you are a 'food safety leader' or a liability.

The quiz takes less than 60 seconds to complete and will allow you to see if your food business is complying with the 2014 Food Safety Act.

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2. How well do you know your Food Allergens?

This one is a must for all New Zealand hospitality workers.
The quiz takes only 3 minutes to complete.

Allergies are on the rise and as food business You must know, and be able to tell your customers what’s in their food so they can make informed choices. This is especially important for people with food allergies. You must know what’s in the ingredients you use. If you are importing food, you must understand the label.

So how good is your knowledge?

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3. Handy Food Safety Cost Calculator

This calculator helps you quickly calculate the staff cost of managing your food safety.
There are obviously other costs involved apart from staff such as:

  • The time taken to collate your paperwork before a verification
  • The time you spend during your verification
  • The time it takes to carry out 'corrective actions'
  • The time taken to train your staff
  • The potential loss of stock if fridges and freezers are not monitored properly
  • Then there is the potential cost of a bad food grade

 The calculator takes less than 60 sec, you may be surprised by the results... 😮

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4. Create a Food Control Plan in minutes

The Safe Food Pro Onboarding wizard creates a compliant FCP (Food Control Plan) in just minutes. We don't think there is a quicker way to get a new food business up and running or switch from doing your food safety on paper to using a quick and easy to use mobile app.

You will also be in good company. There are now hundreds of food businesses of all shapes and sizes using Safe Food Pro to manage their food safety.

Sign up for your 14 day free trial


If you have a great idea for a quiz or calculator you would like us to build, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at greg.hart@complypro.co.nz


Greg Hart

Head of Marketing @ Safe Food Pro